Hi Parents & Carers

Hi parents,

You are the light of the world. Your children in your care are the exact image and representation of God the Father. Jesus was the express image - copy/duplicate - of the Father and He said we are now sent as He was sent! Your children have eternity inside them. They are precious to God. This course is entirely different to any Christian teaching. It is a Kingdom message as all of the content from Jonathon comes from the Seed of the Kingdom of God.

Jesús Christ taught His disciples that He is planting the "message of the Kingdom" and then when our hearts understand the message of the Kingdom we bear much fruit!

These children under your care will receive a 5-10 minute teaching video so that you can, over a 5 week period, implant into their understanding the Seed of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ - an imperishable Seed that grows to be the biggest tree in their garden!

They can see and explore the Kingdom with the Holy Spirit as we lay that correct foundation.

Here's to Jesus our King! Hallelujah!

Jesus is our Hero

He is our BIG BROTHER. We will be just like Him when we see Him. This is the most exciting adventure. Life is a gift to be unwrapped and enjoyed with our Heavenly Father! Children will immediately receive the message of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and bear fruit. Life starts NOW.

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